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Feed the pleasure

Eathos. A new word.
The etymology originates from the union of the English verb to eat and from the most ancient Greek word ethos. Two distant worlds that meet to give rise to a common meaning.
Eathos is the place where we eat, where we can grow and live, prospering in full respect of the world.

Thus it is here, within the Eathos catalog, that you find a selection of high quality products, all inspired by a common sense and completely dedicated to the professional kitchen.
The marked attention to construction and engineering details, the search for innovation to improve and increasingly reduce the impact on the environment, the reduction of energy consumption, the responsible choice of materials used, the improvement of the performance of each product, are the starting points on which we founded the value of Eathos.

This collection is destined to extend over time. The vastness of the kitchen needs many elements and requires care, commitment, study and passion.
In the kitchen there is magic and for the professionals, the chefs, the pastry chefs it is the place to work and realize their dreams. It is here that they express all their imagination, every flicker of genius and unusual insights. Colors mix with different aromas, shapes and textures, and we discover new sensations.

The quality of the ingredients is the foundation of the techniques and tools used and Eathos selects the best in the world to offer it to you.


We are an Italian company that distributes in Europe through its e-commerce portal, structured to offer the best browsing experience, offering not only the guarantee of quality services and secure payment formulas, but also an in-depth analysis of products to be able to better describe the value they contain. Our mission is to spread the technological evolution available to companies and families in search of quality machines for restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, pizzerias, which can help the kitchen work with the guarantee of superior results.

Welcome to Eathos

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