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VAT included

Professional double arms mixer, table top, available in 4 different colors: white, black, ivory, burgundy.

Equipped with induction motor and electronic speed variator, ideal for the production of doughs in the professional and domestic kitchens.

Extremely silent and powerful, simple and intuitive to use, it has an ergonomic design and very precise mechanics that underline its technological value.

The bowl rotates synergistically with the movement of the arms to ensure perfect mixing of the ingredients and an elastic stringing of the flour.

Bowl capacity 10 liters, maximum load capacity 7 kg. finished dough as panettone (lower in case of doughs with greater density or less hydration).

Ideal for highly hydrated doughs and in particular for the production of bread, pizza and large leavened products, as well as all varieties of doughs such as shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, with the exception of whipped doughs such as sponge cake.

The protective panel is equipped with a safety microswitch to be able to work in maximum safety. The structure is entirely in powder-coated steel, while the bowl and arms are in AISI304 stainless steel.

30-minute electromechanical timer or unlimited manual start.

Electronic speed variator with setting from 35 to 70 rpm.

Start and stop commands, as well as main switch with integrated safety fuse. Detachable electric cable with Schuko plug.


  • The package contains

    - Double arms mixer Mamy with 10 Lt bowl

    - removable electric cable with schuko plug

    - instruction manual

    - maintenance set for greasing moving parts


    230V 50Hz single-phase power supply

    Absorption 0.5 Kw - Amp. 3

    Dimensions W370 x D510 x H695 mm.

    Net weight kg. 52

  • In case of return of the product within the first 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods, the transport costs will be applied to the mixer and the payment received will be reversed by deducting the cost of the transport.

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